Global Vision

EGMI is a non-profit, Christian organization involved in missionary work around the world. Currently, our primary focus is on developing the Center of Hope in Misungwi, Tanzania.


The Center of Hope

The Center of Hope is comprised of three main elements: the Orphanage, the Primary and Secondary School, and the Bible School and Christian Conference Center.

The Center of Hope Orphanage


EGMI provides the spiritual, educational, and physical needs of 15 children. We would love to serve so many more though.  Both dormitories need approximately $25,000 in repairs to increase our capacity to 80 children (40 boys/40 girls).  We are able to care for our children for approximately $100 per month.  Additionally, with 35 acres of land, we one day hope to build additional dormitories; increase the size and quality of the cook house; and create livestock houses to supplement the food supply for the children as well as provide income opportunities for the orphanage.  

Primary & Secondary School

Today, our children attend the local school in Misungwi.  Our vision includes building a Primary and Secondary school.  By having our own school, we can better manage the funds, the teachers, and the resources all leading a higher quality education for our children as well as neighboring children.

Bible School & Christian Conference Center

EGMI plans to build a Bible School and Conference Center including a missionary home on a nearby 5 acre plot of land.  In this location, we will work with local church to provide ministerial training and host churches so that more people can hear and share the Good News of Christ.  Finally, building a missionary home will allow us to provide housing for missionaries to participate in short-term and long-term missions associated with the Center of Hope orphanage and school.

As you can see, there is a lot to be done in order to care for these children and equip the people of Misungwi to “go and make disciples of all nations.”  

The Center of Hope Bible School