How It Began

In 2002, Pastor John Sorice began his involvement with the Interfaith Orphanage in Misungwi, Tanzania. In 2004, he was joined by Pastor Jim Guzofski, and together they founded Eastern Gate Ministries International in 200. In 2007, EGMI forged a partnership with Bishop Alpha Mordekai of Life Church Tanzania and assumed joint ownership of the orphanage and renamed it to the Center of Hope.  Since then the orphanage has housed and cared for between 15 and 30 children.  While this is very good, EGMI hopes to do so much more.

Pastor Jim & Pastor John, Founders of EGMI.
Pastor John Sorice, President

Pastor John Sorice, Founder

Pastor Jim Guzofski, Vice President

Larry Wright
Executive Director

Tammy Hickey, Fundraising Director

Linda Wright
Director of Fundraising, Marketing & Communications

Bishop Alpha Mordekai and his family.

Bishop Alpha Mordekai, along with his wife and four daughters, graciously serve as our host family whenever we visit Tanzania. Bishop Mordekai is the head Bishop of multiple churches in Mwanza City and the surrounding local area. He has served his country for many years as a Tanzanian government official.  He partners with us in managing the Center of Hope Orphanage locally in Tanzania.

Business Partners

Our business partners include any organization that contributes financially to EGMI on a regular basis. In addition to the benefit that donations are tax-deductible, we are always seeking new fundraising opportunities designed to highlight your business in your local area. If you would like more information about becoming a business partner, please don't hesitate to contact us.